• Teach children about child sacrifice and their responsibility to keep safe through school campaigns including the Art and Writing Challenge

  • Community sensitization about child sacrifice

  • Encourage whistle blowing in case of suspicion by bridging the gap between the authorities and the people

  • Prohibiting children from moving at night with the help of authorities

  • Involve the community in the campaign initiatives

  • Help victims get justice by ensuring life imprisonment to criminals involved child sacrifice



Using our existing influence in the community/country we have are united resources to bring awareness initiatives that will empower children with knowledge so that they don't fall victims of the vice due to ignorance.


  • Inadequate sensitization is a major contributor to the increase in the number of victims as well as believers in the vice hence the awareness campaign in schools as a start

  • Wealth - some business men and women believe witchcraft can help them to be rich/ richer (Anti Human Task Force – Uganda)

  • Power and fortune – some politicians believe that through sacrifice they can achieve yet more power and influence. In the elections of 2016, there were more cases reported of child sacrifice than ever before

  • Cleansing - witch doctors and many others who practice the ritual of sacrifice believe that through draining blood from the victims they can be cleansed

  • Growth of the construction industry – as many people invest in property, there is more construction than ever before in the country, and many believe to succeed they need human blood and sacrifice

Effects of child sacrifice

  • Death of young Ugandans who would become the future

  • Violates children/human rights

  • It is expensive to medically treat survivors and rehabilitation them with their families

  • It is traumatizing for children and their families

  • The lives of survivors are changed forever in the case of mutilation

  • Family separation

  • Children live in fear of their safety

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