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Our Work

We have visited more than 30,000 children in both primary and junior secondary schools with the awareness campaign with extra attention to the regions where the vice is more prevalent including: Masaka/Rakai, Mukono, Gulu, Kasangati, Kampala, Buyikwe.



Art and Writing Challenge

Children are given an opportunity to illustrate their knowledge, experience, imagination and solutions regarding child sacrifice through art and writing. Then, with the help of their teachers, we evaluate the work done by the pupils and select the best candidates who we ask to educate their peers in an informal manner. All participants are awarded with a certificate of participation. This is to make them proud of their effort and contribution. The top three candidates are given a school term scholarship or a contribution to their school fees depending on the amount.

Community outreach

In a fun and exciting way children in their school uniforms, together with their parents and teachers, proudly march around their communities with posters and banners making awareness in the localities with a plea to the community to join them in preventing the child sacrifice.

Acting and skits

Children come up with their own short plays illustrating what they understand about child sacrifice.

United Nations Human Rights Summit 2017

Presentation about child sacrifice at the UN HQ in New York.

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