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Break Through for the Prevention and Prohibition of Human Sacrifice Bill, 2019

Uganda Ministry of Finance grants the certificate of financial implications for the The Prevention and Prohibition of Human Sacrifice and other Traditional Harmful Bill, 2019 that will lead legislation on ritual murder. For over 10 years, several individuals, organisations along The Uganda Parliamentary Forum for Children

have campaigned and solicited signing of a petition for the Ugandan parliament to create legislation against ritual murder in Uganda which has majorly affected children being the highest number among the victims. This battle has been a long and hard one for all those involved and indeed this is huge success. The time it will take for the Bill to be approved and implemented is not yet known, and it is hoped that the current presidential campaigns don’t hinder the progress. The outcome of the presidential election will inevitably have an impact on the Bill momentum either positively or negatively depending on the priorities of the new elected government. Ugandans must remain vigilant to ensure the safety of the children especially during the election season when ritual consultation by those seeking to gain themselves political offices is higher.

“Every child is your child”


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