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The Campaign

"Child sacrifice is a form of violence against children’s rights. It involves killing, mutilating of body parts such as the head, internal organs, private parts, draining of blood or even burying the child alive. Child sacrifice is on the rise in Uganda as shown from various sources including newspapers, television and social media. Mostly affected areas include Kampala, Mukono, Kayunga, Masaka, Mubende among others."
Written by 12-year-old Upakrwoth Shepherd Buganda Road Primary School - 2017

End Child Sacrifice Campaign was launched in 2013 by Gladys Kyotungire, who at the age of four was abducted by her nanny. Thanks to the stranger (man) who noticed her distress on a journey and was brave enough to approach and ask if she was ok, only then was she able to ask for help to be taken back home! He reported the case immediately to the local authorities, she was immediately rescued and taken into safe custody until she was reunited her family a few days later.


To reach every child in Uganda with the campaign against child sacrifice so that they don’t fall victims due to ignorance.


Sponsored by Jubilee Campaign

partnership with Miss Uganda UK



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